Tantric Dogs

Veronica Monet
9 min readFeb 18, 2021

She was a virgin. So was he. Spring had sent daffodils and crocuses bursting skyward with their brilliant colors celebrating yet another season of sensual delights.

Amidst the buzz and beauty of the season, what was once a very loyal friendship, seemed to be veering into the as yet uncharted territory of sexual ardor.

But again, they were virgins and really had NO idea what they might be getting into.

His passion was overwhelming him. The mere scent of her caused his brain to lose all perspective. All he could think about was how much he wanted to merge with her. Yet all his attempts to woo her, were awkward at best and mostly comical.

In fact, his intentions were so confusing, she thought her best friend was simply initiating another game. So like the good sport she was, she would do her best to dance with his advances in a playful way.

He wanted more. He didn’t know what more he wanted. He just knew he wanted more. So he pressed on.

During their “play,” he would find ways to get on top of her. That confused her further but she didn’t complain. Instead she showed off her agility by out maneuvering his advances.

Then something shifted inside of her. She felt compelled to stay still while he was on top of her. Her brain flooded with hormones and she began to feel desires she had never felt before.

His breath became deep and labored. He was moving on top of her. What was this new game, she wondered? Why did she feel so many powerful urges and sensations coursing through her?

Then it happened.

He entered her. It wasn’t shocking at first. In fact it felt good. But the longer he stayed inside of her and the further inside of her he went, the more intense her emotions became.

Suddenly she could tolerate it no longer. She abruptly and unceremoniously broke his embrace causing his member to pull out of her.

What she did next was shocking for everyone present.

She ran over to the woman she trusted most. She took the woman by her shoulders, positioned her face about three inches from the woman’s face, looked deep into her eyes and screamed.



Veronica Monet

Author, IFS Informed Coach, Certified Sexologist, former Sex Worker. I write about s-e-x, shame, relationships, trauma, accountability, healing, and joy