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She was a virgin. So was he. Spring had sent daffodils and crocuses bursting skyward with their brilliant colors celebrating yet another season of sensual delights.

Amidst the buzz and beauty of the season, what was once a very loyal friendship, seemed to be veering into the as yet uncharted territory of sexual ardor.

But again, they were virgins and really had NO idea what they might be getting into.

His passion was overwhelming him. The mere scent of her caused his brain to lose all perspective. All he could think about was how much he wanted to merge with…

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Photo by David Steinberg

Given that she had narrowly, and yet triumphantly, cheated death a year before while she was living in Poland, I was perhaps a little overconfident when my cousin asked for a phone call. Although she was her usual upbeat self, her words landed like dirt on freshly fallen snow.

I should not have been surprised. She had been fighting a very deadly form of cancer for a year. But denial is a many splendored thing and my knees crumpled with the shock.

Mind you, my voice stayed strong. …

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Reality Can Be Confusing Enough Without the Blatant Manipulations of Those With an Agenda


I was barely two when I first realized someone was trying to manipulate my perception of reality. My mother was doing her best to distract me with photos in a Life Magazine that was as big as me. Sitting on her lap, I could sense her nervousness. I knew something was amiss.

But what?

A few minutes later, with no explanation, she walked away from me and out the door, leaving me with a strange woman in a white uniform. …

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Veronica Monet circa 1998

The first sober escort I ever met was Maria. She was a spunky, sexy brunette who attended my home group. She worked a good program and still had a hard time staying sober for more than a few months at a time. Maria felt prostitution was an impediment to her sobriety and it was her wish to quit the business someday soon. I eventually lost track of her so I have no idea if she ever did quit prostitution nor do I know if she was able to sustain any long-term sobriety.

But I certainly recall the resistance I felt…

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Around the globe, as COVID cases and deaths spike, many communities that were re-opening, are now re-closing. For many of us, that means yet MORE time sheltering at home with loved ones.

How about you?

Are you at home with your partner? Your children? Other family members? Maybe a close friend or two?

How is that going?

If you are experiencing some tension in your connections, you aren’t alone. The added emotional, logistical and economic stress of the pandemic is taking a toll on just about everyone. …

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How are you feeling about being home? Are you with your partner? If you have children, are they there too?

As I am sure you know, Shelter in Place and Stay at Home orders have impacted most of us. But I wonder if you are aware of how much energy you are expending trying to adapt to new routines and habits?

It can feel overwhelming, because it is. And that emotional overwhelm can stress your connections to others, particularly when those connections are 24/7!

Togetherness can be a wonderful thing. But if there were unresolved issues in your relationships beforehand…

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Take a breath. A long, deep breath. Feel into yourself.

How is your heart?

What emotions are coursing through you?

Can you feel the fear enveloping our planet?

Now take another breath and relax for just a few minutes while I tell you the short version of a sad story. It’s about what I lived through, and the light it shines on our shared journey with the current pandemic, COVID-19.

When I was six years old, my dad moved our family of four into a tiny travel trailer because he didn’t want his children to attend public school. Although he…

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My heart often sinks in despair for the sexual assault survivors whose courage leads them to the witness stand.

Although I have been raped three times over the course of my life, I have never faced any of my perpetrators in court. And I have mixed feelings about that.

Part of me wishes law enforcement had taken my rape reports more seriously instead of relegating them to the waste-bin. Not only might I have experienced justice, other women might have been spared suffering.

Another part of me experiences a sense of relief because no defense attorney ever had the opportunity…

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No one told me this could happen, so when it did, I felt utterly alone and embarrassed.

I was fourteen and had finally convinced my extremely controlling father to allow me to attend church with my mother. I know. It sounds ridiculous that any dad would have a problem with his daughter wanting to go to church with her mother. But you never met my dad. He was paranoid and suffocatingly over-protective, and that is putting it mildly.

As a homeschooled child with no brothers, I had never actually encountered boys before. Well, there was this cute boy when I…

Shame, Blame and Rage: What #MeToo Needs Now

As the dark, secret perpetrations of men in power continue to be exposed in agonizing detail for public scrutiny, I’m thrilled to see an all too common male sense of entitlement being destroyed. And I hope that this means the playing field will be leveled for women, because that creates a better and safer world for all of us.

We are going through a very necessary and messy transition that requires a level of anger, even righteous rage, to achieve the momentum needed for change to occur. But it’s also important that…

Veronica Monet

Author of Love, Lust & Romance in the Wake of #MeToo (TBA); Sex Secrets of Escorts (2005), Founder of The Shame Free Zone™ & The Exquisite Partnership Formula™

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